Socius Technologies

Providing market leading tools

for data analysis, stochastic modelling

and product manufacturing

The Socius Vision

The investment landscape is changing. Investors, Advisers and Distributors need better tools to combat uncertain markets, increased regulation and margin compression.

As regulation and demographics continue to re-shape the global savings market, we see an urgent need to enhance the way in which products and services are delivered to end customers.

For investors, flexibility and affordable protection are becoming more of a need than a want. For advisers, regulation is driving up the base cost of servicing individual clients, and at the same time constraining how and where such services can be charged for. For distributors, capital constraints and operational efficiency are increasingly being placed at the heart of product development.
These dynamics point towards a need for more automated customer servicing, better investment decision making tools and a higher emphasis on downside protection within product design.

Socius Services

What is Socius Technologies?

At Socius, our business is quite varied but our approach simple – we provide our clients with tools to improve the quality and value of their products and services, either through efficient analysis of ‘Big data’, digital solutions to improve the customer experience, stochastic models to improve risk management and forecasting capabilities, or consultancy services […]

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Investment Protection Solutions

In the wake of the financial crisis, investors are increasingly seeking greater protection around their savings, whether in the form of a minimum outcome (when savings towards a financial goal) or a minimum income (for those in retirement). Many traditional products have been called in to question in recent years, either due to their lack […]

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Market Insight

Detailed customer profiling is changing the way in which companies target and manage their customer base. Making sense of ‘Big data’ is increasingly becoming the means by which companies seek to understand their own customer base, as well as those of their competitors (their potential future customers). Analysis of behavioural outcomes can help to identify and […]

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Digital Solutions

Regulation is re-shaping the adviser market, however the need for professional investment advice is more prevalent now than ever before. Demographically, much of the developed world is experiencing a bubble of post-war ‘baby boomers’ reaching retirement age, many of whom are seeking guidance around how to convert their savings into a sustainable income. This challenge […]

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Quantitative Analytics

As part of Socius’ core capabilities we also build and develop stochastic models to help our clients better understand the workings of financial markets, whether for individual retirement planning or for corporates wanting to understand their own market risk. Our approach combines the skills of a dedicated team of PhD mathematicians and economists for model […]

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