ser_solutions_04Regulation is re-shaping the adviser market, however the need for professional investment advice is more prevalent now than ever before. Demographically, much of the developed world is experiencing a bubble of post-war ‘baby boomers’ reaching retirement age, many of whom are seeking guidance around how to convert their savings into a sustainable income. This challenge is further complicated by the current low levels of interest rates, meaning a traditional fixed income investment no longer suffices. All of this points towards a need for detailed professional financial planning. However, advisers are finding it increasingly challenging to manage their client’s needs in a profitable manner, due to the compliance and regulatory requirements around onboarding customers, monitoring the product landscape and assessing investment suitability. Socius have developed the necessary tools to improve the efficiency of these processes, enabling advisers to quickly assess needs and suitability, scan the product landscape, and automate a large part of the customer relationship management piece through trigger monitoring tools (e.g. knowing the day an investor’s house comes on the market, or when a limp sum is received into their current account). Please contact us if you would like to arrange a demo of our digital solutions.