ser_protect_02In the wake of the financial crisis, investors are increasingly seeking greater protection around their savings, whether in the form of a minimum outcome (when savings towards a financial goal) or a minimum income (for those in retirement). Many traditional products have been called in to question in recent years, either due to their lack of flexibility or their overall cost. A new generation of investment protection solutions has emerged, which offers the potential to create and manage a fully protected account on an individual customer basis. Such products enable investors to specify a minimum outcome (or income), before tailoring the product terms to suit their investment objectives and market outlook. Such flexibility is retained throughout the life of the product, such that each individual customer retains the freedom to make changes to their account to reflect changes in their current personal circumstances. Socius have partnered with investment platform providers to implement the technology which underpins such products. Our solutions sit on platform to provide the most efficient operational setup, both in terms of cost and front-to-back customer account management. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a demo of our investment protection solutions.