ser_insight_03Detailed customer profiling is changing the way in which companies target and manage their customer base. Making sense of ‘Big data’ is increasingly becoming the means by which companies seek to understand their own customer base, as well as those of their competitors (their potential future customers). Analysis of behavioural outcomes can help to identify and capture local idiosyncrasies that might otherwise be missed in aggregated headline figures. Socius have developed tools to enable detailed analysis of customer behaviour, with the ability to filter such views according to particular fields of interest (for example, by region or demography). Such tools can be applied either to a known population (“what are my customers doing?”) or to unknown peer group (“How do my customers relate to the rest of the market?”). Our market insight can enable product manufacturers and distribution networks to capture local trends at the earliest opportunity, run successful targeted marketing campaigns around key sales periods (e.g. ISA season), and identify coverage gaps across the wider market for improved flows.